Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Ifugao Tourist Destinations

There are so many tourist spots in the Philippines that I love to see and travel to. One of the most fascination place that I've always dreamed of going is Ifugao. Even as a child it has always been my dream to explore the natural wonders of Ifugao regions. For everyone who are planning for a eco adventure this summer, here is an article I've found that will surely make you want to go to Ifugao.

Ifugao eco-tourism destination

LAGAWE, Ifugao, Philippines — This world heritage province is not only home of the Ifugao Rice Terraces, but it also boasts of its virgin forests and mountains, rivers and natural environment that opens up a myriad of thrills and adventure to any audacious tourist visiting the area.

The Provincial Government here cited some tourist spots worth visiting such as the Nahtoban and Bintacan Caves. Go back in time as you travel history on the old Spanish trail, Aguinaldo trail, or follow the Yamashita trail in Hungduan and Kiangan detailing Japanese Imperial Army Gen. Tomoyuki Yamashita’s last few hiding holes before finally surrendering in Kiangan then sent to Baguio City for his official surrender.

For the rider enthusiasts, try your courage and energy on a 300-kilometer dirt motorbike riding at Alfonso Lista and along the Rice Terraces Heritage Sites. Or go kayaking in one of our wild rivers in Hungduan, Banaue or Lagawe and end up with crossing Magat Dam, the biggest dam in Southeast Asia which is located in Alfonso Lista, Ifugao.

The Ifugao virgin forests welcomes those who want to indulge with nature. Mt. Napulawan, Mount Kesimelan, Mount Pulag, Mount Anapawon and Mount Amuyao are but a few choices where weary urban dwellers can find solemn refuge from the haze and the noise of the cities. (Dexter A. See)


So to all nature lovers, make sure to take this Ifugao experience!

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